About us


  • Country representation for foreign equipment and machinery manufacturers.
  • Equipment and machinery sourcing and associated import management.
  • Export and marketing of specialised equipment and machinery.
  • Related services.

The owner of Coverworld(Pty)Ltd has more than a decade’s experience in the importation of machinery into the South African market. This included more than 20 overseas visits to trade fairs and suppliers and the importation of dozens of high value machines, mainly from Europe and some from the USA and Taiwan.

For potential European suppliers of specialised high value machinery and equipment: The first step will be for you to send us an e-mail regarding your product range. We will review it and then discuss with you what will be the best way to move forward. If we are unable to assist directly ourselves we may be able to point you in the right direction.

You are always welcome to visit us, as we believe a country visit is the best way to ascertain a market’s potential. (View Our Location in Contact Us.)

For potential buyers of specialised high value equipment and machinery from Europe: By partnering with an experienced operator, a company that is considering purchasing equipment and machinery from Europe can:

  • Lower their risk
  • Lower their cost and the management time involved
  • Leave the whole management of the importation process, from the supplier’s factory floor to the final delivery to their own premises, in our capable hands.

This includes a comprehensive technical review of the relevant machinery and equipment as well negotiations with suppliers regarding spare parts, training, etc. There are general guidelines that are universal, independent from what type of machinery are involved. We have developed a comprehensive 30 point checklist, based on practical experience, in this regard.

There are many pitfalls involved in the importation of equipment and machinery. Detailed attention needs to be given to letters of credit (various payment structures are available), forward cover, marine insurance, etc.

For local suppliers of specialised equipment and machinery who are considering exporting to Europe: Please feel free to contact us for more information. This includes the export marketing of specialised high value used machinery.